Review Toyota Camry 2020 TRD, a completely different experience

The Toyota Camry 2020 has a good reputation for offering great value for money with an exceptional level of reliability, comfort and interior spaciousness, but what if the Camry offers us a touch of sporting performance? That’s what Toyota Camry 2020 TRD offers.

Camry high performance

Toyota Camry TRD (2020)

There has never been anything called the Camry Sport, as the mid-size sedan has earned a reputation as a family car, but Toyota’s TRD sports modification section has recently decided to change the boring view Camry receives from consumers.

In its latest generation, the Camry received a design that shakes off the traditional boring character but without a real leap of performance, but the Camry TRD Limited comes to change that.

the design

Toyota Camry TRD (2020)

From the outside, the Toyota Camry 2020 gets an aerodynamic package and visual enhancements through a front diffuser, side diffusers, rear spoiler, and a large diffuser for improved stability.

Toyota Camry TRD (2020)

In addition, the iconic Camry also offers TRD badges with attractive red paint and red brake presses, a glossy black painted front grille and sporty grille inserts as well.

The most attractive element in the design of the Camry TRD, is the confluence of red paint in contrast to the black color that covers the ceiling and the front columns and half of the rear columns, giving a simple but bold character of individuality.


Toyota Camry TRD (2020)

The Toyota Camry’s interior features Toyota’s iconic TRD accents, which include a luxurious leather trim for all seats with red embroidery with the same color belts, a TRD logo on the headrests and a leather steering wheel, and even the transmission handle, interior flooring and rear trunk. For an overall feeling of comfort and sophistication within this sporty version of the Camry.


Toyota Camry TRD (2020)

The Camry TRD retains all standard Camry technologies from the Entune infotainment system via the fastest and most responsive touchscreen ever, with wireless charging support for supported phones and A top information display displays the most important speed information and alerts on the windshield so the driver can easily see them without distraction, and with multiple USB charging ports.

The performance

Toyota Camry TRD (2020)

Toyota announced that it will launch only 6,000 limited versions of the Camry TRD, which will all come with a standard 3.5-liter DOHC V6 with 301 horsepower and an 8-speed automatic transmission featuring sporty style and gearshifts, with several improvements in braking, steering and stability with improved engine sound. Via updates to the exhaust system, along with the addition of stronger shock absorbers and lighter and wider black wheels.

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