Review of Mitsubishi ASX 2020, transmitted to the present

During the review of the Mitsubishi ASX 2020 today, we will take a look at the powerful Japanese crossover that is able to cope with various conditions and roads without sacrificing its reliability and operation, as despite its launch in 2010, it got a complete update in 2015 and then again this The year to continue to compete with the latest models without a problem, which makes us realize the strength and competitiveness, let us know the latest offers to us with the latest update.

Exterior design

Mitsubishi ASX 2020

For a 10-year-old car, during the review of the Mitsubishi ASX we note that it has a surprisingly modern design, which is shown on the front end, as Mitsubishi uses the language of dynamic shield design adopted in its modern cars, which is shown here with ASX in the new headlights from The LED type, coupled with more muscular lines than its predecessors, makes it more distinctive than ever, and with the lower reinforcements that do not interfere with the top design, the crossover looks completely new.

Mitsubishi ASX 2020

Unfortunately, the side and rear styling did not get the same degree of updates, as it is almost completely different, and although the rear design looks traditional and not bad, but many were hoping to see larger changes in general.

Cabin and technologies

Mitsubishi ASX 2020

The revision of the Mitsubishi ASX 2020 continues with a slightly upgraded cabin that includes a larger 8-inch display than before, while maintaining the simplicity of design and arrangement on the dashboard.The touchscreen of the infotainment system is located above the top 3 rollers for temperature control, with the same instrument panel and steering wheel, With a slight update in the carrier handle.

The cabin has comfortable seats with an option to add metal decoration throughout, with adjustable seat height and an option for an adjustable electric driver’s seat in 4-way in the upper class, with comfortable front and rear foot space.


Mitsubishi ASX has very distinctive safety features including stability control system to improve steering on soft, wet ground or even in snow with the help of the friction control system, along with the presence of driver assistance systems to change the path with blind spot detection and rear traffic alert systems during the return, as well as assistance systems Climbing slopes and 7 airbags add to the rear camera.

the performance

Mitsubishi ASX 2020
The Mitsubishi ASX comes with a modest 4-liter 4-cylinder engine with 148 hp and 195 Nm of torque.It comes with a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive option.Although the performance figures are relatively low, it is suitable for everyday driving and off-road handling.
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