Porsche ready for Formula E

Porsche unveiled her “X 99”, which will compete in the 2019 – 2020 World Championship racing electric cars “Formula E”.

Porsche, the German luxury sports car manufacturer, left the World Endurance Championship (WEC) at the end of the 2017 season, after scoring many titles and victories, especially in the 24-hour race in Le Mans – with 18 titles in it. Sports cars Like Porsche, participating in the world’s most powerful car championships is important in order to gain more experience that can be transferred to and from motorsport. There is a wisdom that goes back to the early days of the automotive industry.

Why is Porsche participating in Formula E?

The future of the automotive industry is now firmly linked to electric wires and electronics, so Porsche will find no better than the FIA ​​Formula E, the FIA’s world-class championship. Race for electric cars, which have become increasingly popular, being one of the fastest-growing car championships, as well as a practical laboratory for the development of electric car technologies; engines, energy savings, fast charging systems and waste energy recovery. Porsche is looking forward to a future driven by electric sparks. Just recently, the Taycan introduced its first fully electric car.

Racing Car:

Porsche unveiled its Formula E car with the codename “99X” in traditional Porsche sports colors – white, black and red. The symbolic name will consist of three numbers as usual in the Porsche sports car designation.

According to Porsche, the number nine has been used twice to indicate how much attention Porsche has paid to the Formula E Participation Project, while the “X” refers to the future approach and prototypes.

Weissach’s research and development department supervised the development of the car and completed the mission in March, after which the car underwent a series of tests to determine its performance and durability at the Circuits of Calafate and Mallorca in Spain, led by Swiss drivers Neel Jani and New Zealander Brendon Hartley, Driver tests and development. Hartley, who led Porsche at the World Endurance Championship, will join the Formula E Championship with the Dragon team in the 2019-2020 season, after losing his chance after Porsche signed a contract with DS Techeetah. The German team is facing a final test period and will then go on to prepare for the general preparations for the Formula E championship, which will be held in the Spanish circuit Valencia Valencia in October.

Said Fritz Anzengr Fritz Enzinger, vice president of Porsche Motorsport: “It is an important day for us. With the first launch of the Porsche 99X electric car, we are taking a big step towards participating in a Formula E manufacturing team. We are very proud of our team, which has shown a high degree of commitment to the Formula E project. Now, I look forward to seeing the Porsche 99X electric on the racetrack.”

The Porsche team will also draw on the expertise of drivers from inside the house, Neel Jani and Andre Lotterer of Germany.

The team is currently managed by a four-member management team, most notably Pascal Zurlinden, Porsche’s sports director, who will supervise the Formula E program as well as the GT Participation Program and the technical director. Malte Huneke and Amiel Lindesay, Chief Operating Officer, previously served as Porsche team manager and ran the LMP model at the World Endurance Championship, and Carlos Wiggers, team manager and relationships Commercial in the sports section.

He said Zorlinden: “Today, we see a Porsche (99 X) Electric has joined the list of cars Porsche sports history, draws the name of the car and its design features of her character, and it shows existence. It is a special day for everyone who has made an effort at the Porsche Formula E project over the past few months.”

Porsche completed one part of the work, and the last part remained:

But this does not mean that the team completed its preparations for the first of his participation in a world championship motorsport, since they left the arena of endurance racing, but that still has much to accomplish; complete the team-building process, and the exploitation allocated to each team to test his car testing period, and the amount of 15 days.

Partnership with TAG Heuer

In addition, Porsche entered into a partnership agreement with TAG Heuer to become the official sponsor of the team, the official timing partner, and the two sides have a long-standing relationship. In the 1980s, Porsche collaborated to develop and produce a Formula One engine named “TAG-Turbo” by TAG. -Turbo made by Porsche ”, funded by TAG owner, Syrian businessman of Syrian origin Akram Ojja and his son Mansour, and used by McLaren, where the team won two world championships, 1984 and 1985, and two world championships for drivers, 1984 and 1986. The document between them in the latter half of the twentieth century in many chains and championships Sportscars. The Swiss watch company is also one of the founding partners of Formula E.

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