Ford Expedition 2020: improvements and a new category from the heart of the American West

Ford Motor Company has introduced upgrades to the 2020 Expedition, a large family SUV, in order to maintain its market distinction, including the introduction of a new King Ranch and a Platinum upgrade.

“King Ranch” blending American heritage and “Platinum”

The King Ranch category is the most luxurious, private and distinctive, and its name is linked to the history of rural Texas and is expected to start from approximately $ 74 thousand dollars, and this category will be available to the standard and the largest Expedition. Initially, this category is a rustic “platinum”, but with some differentiation, such as a special “Elegant Stone Gray” color for the ventilation grille and the lower section of the front bumper; Roof rails, and covers for side mirrors.

The special segment will also receive 22-inch, six-spoke aluminum wheels in two-tone, dark and light colors, axle covers and door sills bearing the name ‘King Ranch’.

Internally, the car accommodates six passengers in three rows of seats, the second-row seats separate Captain Chair, can be folded automatically, all upholstered in leather “Ebony Del Rio” and clad in solid wood “Ziricote” high-density wood for the cabin parts, one of the finest “Cordia” wood from South America and Central America, gives the cabin natural colors derived from the heritage of the countryside American. A leather-wrapped steering wheel with interlocking embroidery.

In terms of equipment, this category borrowed many of the equipment of the category of “Platinum”, the highest category in the offerings “Expedition”, including shock absorbers permanent control, peripheral imaging system, heated side mirrors with automatic dimming, and automatically folding, and also contains signals Wrap.

Andrew Kernahan, the chief engineer of the Expedition, says: “King Ranch has the legacy of hard work and embodies the way of life of American livestock farms. This is a great addition to the lineup of this model, which has a growing appeal and personality in Texas, as well as customers in the United States of America who are looking for a style inspired by the American West and the design does not age.

The ‘King Ranch’ first appeared in 1999 with the F Series light truck model and reached the Expedition in 2005. The Expedition King Ranch 2020 can be distinguished by the special exterior design and logos on the car. The leather of the cabin is also marked with a special wavy logo, known as the Running W Brand used for farm cattle, and the King Ranch logo, inspired by the rattlesnake of the American continent.

King Ranch History:

The name belongs to the King Ranch in Texas, founded in 1853 by the captain, businessman Richard King, and Gideon Kay. Gideon K. Lewis, the largest and most famous cattle ranch in the state with a total area of 3340 square kilometers, is spread over six counties in the south of the state, divided into four sections, and is listed in the National Records of Historic Places and Monuments in the United States of America.


Platinum is becoming more sophisticated

The Platinum is the highest-equipped Expedition line-up, and for the year 2020 I got the option of 22-inch wheels, but the most notable updates were in the cabin, the leather cladding extends over the entire instrument panel, increasing the door finishes and adding more Of hand rests. Upholstery of the first and second rows of the skin with perforated parts, and other diamond embroidery. A leather-wrapped steering wheel with pecan embroidery.


The Ford Co-Pilot 360 package is also standard on the Expedition 2020. It includes collision avoidance assistance, emergency braking systems, pedestrian detection, blind-spot surveillance, a rear-view lens with a lens wash system and more. The FordPass Connect package includes technology features such as a wireless internet hotspot that supports up to ten devices and the SYNC infotainment system that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The Platinum category is of great interest to Ford, accounting for 20 percent of Expedition’s sales, and 60 percent of its customers buy either the Platinum or Limited.

The Expedition is doing well in the market.In August 2019, sales were up 56 percent from the same month last year, and Ford hopes to continue to shine. Ford did not announce when the 2020 models will arrive in showrooms, but it is customary to see next year’s cars in showrooms starting in October.

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