Competition intensifies: Will we see a Jeep Wrangler hybrid next year?

The SUV market is experiencing an “explosion” in sales, which could prompt Jeep to introduce a hybrid version of the Wrangler in 2020.

Not surprisingly, four-wheel-drive vehicles are selling well, manufacturers are spending a lot of money on developing them, and “advertising various weapons” to force their products at the expense of competing models. after introducing the new generation Defender with a version of the Mild Hybrid and a promise to deliver a plug-in Hybrid soon, Bollinger promised to introduce the electric B1. In the markets in a year from now, it was Jeep’s turn to respond to threats.

Jeremy Acevedo, Edmunds’ chief forecasting officer, expects Jeep to enter the competition next year, as the US company is expected to offer a diesel-powered version of the Wrangler and a hybrid energy-saving version of EV Savers. Mike Manley has confirmed that the company is working on a hybrid version that will reach the market in 2020, and such a vehicle would be of great benefit in two ways; Which will be great considering the distance they wish to travel and the land trips they make in this car.

The Wrangler is currently available with a six-cylinder engine or a light hybrid drive system with a four-cylinder engine.

Wrangler hybrids can also be an attempt to convince enthusiasts of genuine SUVs about the feasibility of acquiring a hybrid SUV in general, who argue that complex hybrid propulsion systems reduce their off-road capabilities and make them susceptible to breakdowns.

Previously, Jeep said it was considering developing a hybrid version of the legendary style, but that should turn into something on the ground.In fact, spy photos emerged in March about what were said to be tests of a hybrid Wrangler. It also signed an agreement with ZF to provide hybrid propulsion technology eTorque.

The Wrangler’s rechargeable hybrid is expected to get a 3.6-liter V-6 engine from the Pentastar family, but at the Atkinson Cycle, with sufficient electric propulsion to compensate for the shortage of horsepower. Use the Atkinson Cycle system.

The electric propulsion system can be placed under the Wrangler chassis between the exhaust and the transmission axle, meaning it will be a more modern modification of the car than an original design to accommodate the hybrid system.

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