Bugatti Chiron could have achieved a top speed of 490 km / h

Earlier last month, a new model of the Bugatti Chiron achieved a speed of 304,733 mph (490,484 km / h) to become the fastest commercial production vehicle in the world, but its driver recently reported that a higher speed could be reached.

The results of the new Bugatti Chiron model were announced earlier this month, after six months of confidential testing in which the French-owned Volkswagen Group teamed up with Michelin of France and Italy’s Dallara. The announcement culminated with the Chiron model as the fastest commercial production vehicle in the world after being driven by Koenigsegg Agera RS with a speed of 458 km / h in 2017.

Andy Wallace, who achieved the new Bugatti number, said the car was still able to accelerate when he removed his foot from the throttle. Looking at the video below, we suggest that the modified Chiron model can reach 307 mph.

For the Bugatti Chiron model, the body length has increased by 25 cm compared to the standard Chiron, where the rear of the car has been lengthened to reduce friction and the rear wing has been dispensed in favor of an air reflector. There is a large Diffuser air diffuser at the back and Splitter air separator in the front. The engine is a sixteen-liter W16 eight-cylinder engine, which has been increased from 1479 hp (1500 metric horsepower) to 1,578 hp (1600 metric horsepower).

Hennessy, the American supercar manufacturer, which achieved 484.4 km / h in its Venom F5, says it is not convinced that the new Cheron has only 1,578 horsepower. Hennessy – will soon try to reach a speed of 500 km / h.

Thanks to the achievement of this tremendous speed are the development of a new French Michelin tires allow access to the speed of 510 km / h were not previously available, therefore, that each JPY is expecting from Hennessy and Koanjsaj new tests to break down No. fastest car in the world.

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