American Hennessy opens the door for modifications to Porsche Tycan

Hennessy American car modification company is working on the development and modification of the electric model “Tycan” from Porsche, and will first begin with the formality adjustments, and then move on to adjustments to the performance.

Electric cars are still something new in the automotive industry, and they need to deal differently in terms of the possibility of modification, but Hennessey Performance Engineering, the US car modification Hennessey Performance Engineering that it has the ability to modify and develop the model “Taycan” luxury sports saloon powered by electric Pure from German Porsche.

This project represents the first serious step towards dealing with electric car modification, especially by the 28-year-old Texas-based American company that specializes in modifying large internal combustion engines, but the company was not ashamed to announce the development of this car even before the completion of the project.

Porsche Tycan

Hennessy does not promise to increase the horsepower of the car, or make it supercharged, but modifications will be limited to repainting and beautifying some exterior parts, such as the installation of new wheels and improve the flow of the car through two new front and rear bumpers, which may contribute to a slightly increased speed of the car, and cabin design. But it will not touch the essence of the electric propulsion system. It will allocate many of its employees and resources to work in the field of electric vehicle modification.

This is a bold step towards creating a market for electric car modification, and it is looking ahead. “The company’s founder and manager, John Hennessy, said:“ We’ve been planning for a while to do something with electric vehicles, we felt that Porsche Tycan would be the appropriate platform from which we could start modifying our first electric car. Initially, we will work on minor modifications such as wheels, tires and cabin modification, as well as exterior modifications, such as a more offensive front and rear bumper, and then we’ll see what can be done in terms of adding more power. ”

Porsche Tycan

He added: “What all of our customers still want to almost cars powered by internal combustion engines net with great force, but the start of some of them recently by adding electric vehicles to their collections for everyday driving. We do not want to reinvent the wheel in electric vehicles, we just want to make it faster and cooler. ”

Theoretically, the modification of electric vehicles requires the employment of a new group of engineers and experts, other than mechanical and technical engineers. It requires electrical engineers and electrical technicians, to modify electric motors and energy savings, programmers to reprogram the operating system of the car, and become the most accurate description of their work frequency modification Overclock or update and modify Electronic hardware and software Tweaks.

It is expected to start work on the amendment of the “Tycan” as soon as the first payments to the US market in 2020, with the first modified cars to reach the hands of customers shortly thereafter.

Porsche Tycan

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